I'm Zoe. I'm 21. I live in WA USA. I like a lot of things that don't really relate to each other but somehow all ended up here on this blog. Take a gander if you like, you may find something interesting here.
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i love it when i cook stuff for myself bc like i’ve just cooked pasta and yee bitch look at me providing for myself i could totally make it in this world it’s almost as if i have my life together

i take this back the pasta was shit i’m falling apart

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kids with broken legs dont have to do PE but kids with social anxiety still have to do public speaking, isnt there a problem there

Yes and no. A broken leg and anxiety can heal. They both take a lot of healing time, and then either physical or non-physical therapy to recover.

Using anxiety as an excuse to not participate in daily life is shit. I should know; I have one of the worst cases of paranoid ADHD that my doctors have ever seen. Anxiety is my life.